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The Champion TKO GNSS receiver is a fully integrated rover or base with both a 3G GSM modem and the optional high power UHF radio at a cost less than most brands. Built around the world's most advanced technology, the TKO is engineered for the real world. With full IP67 protection and rubberized bumper for worry free drop protection, the TKO will last for years to come.


• DB970 GNSS 220 Channel OEM Board
• Heavy Duty Carrying Case
• Two Batteries
• Multiport Wall Charger


By pairing the industry's advanced GNSS board capable of tracking all signals from all satellites in range and the optional integrated UHF radio operating at 2 watts of power, the Champion TKO delivers unmatched power, accuracy and performance.


  • Geomax FieldGenius
  • Microsurvey FieldGenius
  • Carlson SurvCE.

  • Optional UHF Radio
  • Optional External Antenna Kit

    Receiver Accuracy



    Electrical Power

    Communication Ports

    Receiver Performance Data

    Radio Frequency

    Static/Fast Static: Horizontal: 2.5 mm + 1 ppm; Vertical: 5 mm + 1 ppm
     RTK Accuracy: Horizontal: 1 cm + 1 ppm; Vertical: 2 cm + 1 ppm

    ARM9 CPU with 64M Flash Memory
    Size: Diameter: 7.68in Height: 4.09in
    Weight: 3.8lbs (Including Li-ion battery)

    IP Standard: IP67
    Waterproof/Dustproof: Protected from temporary immersion to depth of 2 meters and completely dust-proof
    Anti-impact: Anti-impact from 2 meters
    Temperature: Operation Temperature: -45°C to 65°C (-49°F to -85°F)
    Storage Temperature: -55°C to 85°C (-13°F to 140°F)
    Humidity:100% non-condensing

    Battery: 2 Internal Lithium batteries with 1400 mAh each
    Voltage: 7.4 V
    Single battery working continuously: 15 hours in static mode, 12 hours in GPRS mode and 8 hours in 2 W transmitting power
    6~36V external DC power

    2 RS-232 serial ports; 1 port for Bluetooth communication
    2 port for external DC power supply (multiplex)
    1 SIM card slot for GSM
    1 built-in communication module port

    Function Key and LED
    3 panel buttons: 1 power switch key, 2 functional keys
    3 LEDs, 1 Satellite LED (single color), 1 Communication LED (dual color), 1 Power LED (dual color)

    Optional Internal UHF Radio: 430 to 450 MHz or 450 to 470 MHz (Compatible with PCC/MDS radios)
    4 dBi whip antenna

    Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Champion, Champion TKO are trademarks of Champion Instruments, LLC.